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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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Q: What does EDT, EDP and EDC mean?

A: When a perfume is manufactured, the purest essence of the fragrance is the perfume oil. The perfume oil is what gives the fragrance its distinctive aroma. The purest form of the fragrance is perfume. Perfume has the highest concentration of perfume oil. Most manufacturers offer diluted forms of the fragrance. These are:

1) Eau de Parfum/Perfume - EDP
2) Eau de Toilette - EDT
3) Eau de Cologne - EDC
4) Body Splashes

Each of the above variations of the fragrance has the exact same fragrance as the perfume, except each version is successively weaker than the previous rendition. The more concentrated the fragrance, the more the fragrance costs because you require less of it and it will last longer. Lastly, most fragrances are made in Europe, and with very few exceptions colognes are only available from American manufacturers.

Q: Why do you sell some items unboxed?

A: Occasionally we obtain special buying opportunities in which:

1) The box was damaged in transit.
2) The product was originally going to be part of a gift set and was split apart. 
3) The manufacturer sold the item originally as an unboxed special.

In all cases the product itself is not compromised by this unboxed status, it is strictly an issue of aesthetics. In many cases, unboxed items can represent incredible savings.

Q: How can you sell at such discounted prices?

A: We do not have the overhead of a store in a mall paying top rent. We do not have a sales staff or other overhead to drive up our expenses. We also buy in enormous volume and it is likely that we sell to large discount stores in your area. You are now cutting out the middleman (the retailer) and buying directly from the source, "US".

Q: What if I am not happy with my purchase?

A: Click on our "about us" link below. Upon doing so, please scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find instructions on returns. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail.

Q: Are all the items you have on your site "in stock"?

A: Yes! We have a 98.5 percent fill rate. When we run out of stock of an item, we remove it from our site. There are instances where there is an inventory error or when product does not meet our high standards and we will backorder an item. Backordered items are NOT shipped at a later time.

Q: Why do you have a $25.00 minimum purchase for sales?

A: We had to draw a line when it was simply not profitable to process a sale. Since we discount our products to offer as competitive a value to our customers as possible, we cannot do so below this minimum dollar amount. This is due to the fact that we have expenses including: pull the order, pack, process the sale, enter shipping information and finally notify the customer of the completed shipment. Occasionally we have products that fall just below our minimum; this can frustrate some customers. Please look at our clearance section and you will find many items under $1.00. Sorry, it has to be $25.00 worth of product excluding all other charges.

Q: I am ordering from a country other than the United States and my country is not in the list of drop down choices on your order form?

A: You can find a detailed list of countries we accept online orders from at the link below. All other countries must utilize our offline order form, also found below.

(offline order form) Click here and enter zip code 95834 to see UPS ground transit time to your destination.

Q: What type of gift certificates do you accept?
We accept gift certificates and gift certificates only.

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